Outlook Timesheets

Outlook timesheets simplify project time reporting, improve the accuracy of project billing and streamline processing with automated approval routing.

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Using Outlook timesheets, TrackerOffice accelerates the project time reporting process by simplifying timesheet creation, automating management functions including approval routing, and providing tracking and reporting functions that facilitate the time and billing process.

TrackerOffice encourages timely submission through its "Auto-nag" feature, which sends a notification to employees who are tardy in submitting their time cards. Creating and submitting a timesheet is as easy as creating an email. Employees can quickly create their timesheets with picklists tied to project and task data, a feature which also improves the accuracy of project time and billing.

After a timesheet is submitted, it is automatically routed to the appropriate supervisor, eliminating delays in the approval process. A timesheet can be approved with the click of a button, forwarding the timehseet to payroll and accounting for processing, or sent back to the employee for revision.

In leveraging the Microsoft Outlook / Exchange platform for project time reporting, TrackerOffice offers an ideal time and billing solution for distributed organizations - companies with multiple locations or employees who travel on a regular basis. Through their Outlook client, TrackerOffice users can submit and track their time cards wherever they are located. Managers can relax knowing their employees are reporting through a regimented system that promotes accurate, consistant project time reporting, while executives can enjoy accurate, up-to-date budget and billing reports.

The benefits of Outlook time reporting include -