Outlook Expense Reporting and Tracking

Outlook expense reporting simplifies and streamlines the creation, approval routing and processing of expense reports.

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Looking for a Web Based Solution?
Expense Tracker.Net is 100% Web based expense reporting system that can be surfaced in Outlook to provide easy to use expense reports, with multiple currency support, automated approval routing and more.

TrackerOffice offers a Microsoft expense tracking solution that secures, simplifies, and streamlines your expense reporting process. TrackerOffice's Outlook expense reports access customer, vendor, and project databases, allowing users to quickly generate reports through pick lists. This not only streamlines expense report submission, but also ensures consistent, accurate reports for expense processing.

Through Microsoft Outlook, expense reports can be submitted and tracked from the office or out in the field. Employees can report project and travel expenses charged on a daily basis, wherever they are. TrackerOffice enforces automatic routing of expense reports, ensuring they follow a legitimate approval chain.

By expediting billing and accounting functions, TrackerOffice improves the timeliness and accuracy of budget and expense data, providing managers and executives alike a better, informed view of the actual cost of their projects and efforts. In conjunction with its timesheet and invoicing modules, TrackerOffice provides a robust Outlook time and billing solution.

Benefits of Outlook Expense Reporting -

  • Easy to use Outlook expense reports may be composed for oneself or by an approved delegate.
  • Reports provide expense details for accurate accounting of transportation, lodging and meals, entertainment and miscellaneous expenses incurred by sales or project staff. Includes multiple currency support for employees operating out of country.
  • Electronic workflow and signatures for better security.
  • TrackerOffice's Time and Expense Desktop allow users to track their expense reports as they move through the approval process.
  • Synchronization allows users to report and track expenses from anywhere in their Microsoft Outlook client.
  • TrackerOffice Expense monitors and records all editing of reports, including their authoring, creation, and modification.
  • Includes support for bill back of expenses to customers or internal cost centers.
  • Includes up-to-date accounts payable lists.