Business Intelligence Reports

Transform your Microsoft Outlook / Exchange platform into a business intelligence engine

Register for a demonstrationThe TrackerOffice Data Warehouse is a comprehensive business intelligence reporting engine. The Data Warehouse collects information from the various TrackerOffice modules for project management, personnel, billing, and customers and compiling it into true business intelligence reports.

42 Business Report Templates

The TrackerOffice Data Warehouse includes over 42 business report templates, including Budget vs. Actual, Activity Ledgers, Gantt charts, Headcounts and more. In addition, the TrackerOffice Data Warehouse provides a flexible report editor, allowing users to create their own specialized reports, suited to their needs.

Pivot, Filter, Drag-and-Drop

These business intelligence reports can be accessed by increasing levels of detail. Users can pivot and filter data, and drag and drop fields. These reports can be exported to Word or Excel.