Outlook CRM Software

Outlook CRM software simplifies the review of customer information, activity management and more

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Looking for a Web Based Solution?
Customer Tracker.Net is 100% Web based CRM system that can be surfaced in Outlook to provide a customer database with tools for activity scheduling, contract management and more.

Utilizing Outlook for CRM via TrackerOffice, organizations can streamline the entire customer relationship management process. TrackerOffice improves and secures your existing customer relationships and helps build strong relationships with new clients.

TrackerOffice provides organizations a centralized CRM database in Outlook, which is closely linked to TrackerOffice's project management and invoicing functions. By placing important customer information within the Microsoft Outlook client which your project managers and sales force use every day, TrackerOffice simplifies routines including the management of service issues and contact activity.

By leveraging the Microsoft Outlook / Exchange platform your organization has already invested in, TrackerOffice offers a comprehensive, Outlook CRM solution at a much lower total cost of ownership than competing, stand alone applications. TrackerOffice also allows users to access information they access on a routine basis, through the email client they utilize every day, Microsoft Outlook.

While other applications exist which offer CRM through Outlook, TrackerOffice integrates its CRM functions with tools for project management, invoicing and business intelligence reporting. TrackerOffice offers a comprehensive solution to multiple organizational needs, all through a single portal, the Microsoft Outlook email client utilized by all users.

TrackerOffice CRM features

  • Easy access to CRM data with detailed on-line customer folders for improved customer service and sales efforts.
  • Manage customer activities: phone calls, emails, meetings.
  • Track customer billing arrangements and contracts.
  • Manage customer service issues.
  • Forecast future customer sales.
  • Generate proposals for prospects and customers.