Microsoft Project Alternative

A Microsoft Project alternative, TrackerOffice transforms Microsoft Outlook into a powerful, low cost alternative project management system.

TrackerOffice, an Outlook project management solution, leverages your Microsoft Outlook / Exchange messaging platform into a comprehensive enterprise project management system, suitable as a Microsoft Project alternative, with functions for:

Replacing Microsoft Project with TrackerOffice

TrackerOffice offers functions on par with Microsoft Project and includes import/export capability with the Microsoft Project desktop. TrackerOffice also offers several competitive advantages as a Microsoft Project alternative:

  • Dramatically Lower TCO: TrackerOffice leverages one of the largest IT investments your organization has already made- its Microsoft Outlook / Exchange messaging platform. Microsoft Project, on the other hand, requires the purchase of Microsoft Project Server in addition to per-seat licensing fees. As an alternative to Microsoft Project, TrackerOffice offers a substantial savings both in server costs as well as seating licenses by utilizing your existing resources. Contact us today for more information about pricing.
  • Painless Deployment and Maintenance: TrackerOffice is 100% server based. Installing TrackerOffice on every desktop in your organization, both in the office and for employees working in the field, is a matter of sending an email with a link. Since TrackerOffice is based on the Microsoft Outlook/ Exchange system your IT administrators are already trained in and experienced with, maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
  • Rapid User Adoption: TrackerOffice leverages the Outlook skills of your employees, simplifying training and ensuring your organization experiences a swift ROI as users replace Microsoft Project with TrackerOffice in their work routines.