Outlook Ticket System

Outlook ticket systems leverage email to simplify and automate support ticket management.

Using TrackerSuite.Net, your organization can leverage its Outlook email platform as a ticket management system, complete with easy to use support tickets, functions for ticket aging and escalation, help desk dashboards and performance reports.

Outlook support ticket

Creating a Support Ticket in Outlook

Utilizing Outlook as a help desk ticket system offers advantages for general users, support departments and IT administrators in simplifying workflow, accelerating issue resolution, and tracking performance.

For General Users

  • Users can submit a support ticket at any time, from any location.
  • Support Tracker.Net provides easy-to-use support request forms, with pick lists and drop-down menus that simplify ticket creation.
  • Users can track the status of their ticket and read updates on its progress.
  • On the completion of the ticket, its requestor is automatically notified via email, along with notes on its closure from the assigned support staff.

For Support Departments

  • Tickets are automatically routed based on category, request type and priority, greatly simplifying compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Support departments can establish email accounts in Support Tracker.Net. Messages received at these addresses are automatically converted into tickets and routed appropriately.
  • Support Tracker.Net provides configurable, color-coded help desk dashboards. Support department managers can easily filter and drill down on high priority issues, or tickets that have spent too long in the system.

For IT Administrators

  • Support Tracker.Net provides reports that simplify the review of the ticket system's performance, including Support Ticket Pies and Open / Closed / Escalated ticket reports.